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ACPRC Awards

The 1st ACPRC awards ceremony will be held on 23rd April and the nominations are in...

This is the first time the ACPRC has organised awards for its members and the nominations were accepted in five categories:

  • Connecting People
  • Sharing knowledge and skills
  • Research and best practice
  • Leadership and innovation 
  • Newcomer of year

Before we announce the finalists, congratulations to all the nominees:

Fran Butler, Claire Collins, Bronwen Connolly, Holly Drover, Allaina Eden, Cath Edwards, Sarah Elliott, Verity Ford, Alexandra Gates, Laura Graham, Rebecca Hall, Charlotte Hardaker, Alex Harvey, Bethany Howells, Gemma Korff, Rachel Milne, Robyn Osborne, Rhiannon Parry, Rosie O'Reilly, Clare Rossall, Emma Shkurka, Ethan Singer, Amy Smith, Amanda Snape, Arietta Spinou, Robyn Stiger, Gareth Tantram, Lauren Thomson, Paul Twose, Zoe van Willigen


(Drum roll please)... The finalists are:

Connecting People

  • Emma Shkurka
  • Gareth Tantram
  • Zoe van Willigen

Sharing knowledge and skills

  • Alexandra Gates
  • Alex Harvey
  • Rhiannon Parry
  • Robyn Stiger

Research and best practice

  • Fran Butler
  • Bronwen Connolly
  • Sarah Elliott

Sarah Keilty Leadership Award (Leadership and Innovation)

  • Claire Collins
  • Cath Edwards
  • Clare Rossall

Newcomer of year

  • Holly Drover
  • Rosie O'Reilly
  • Lauren Thomson


Winners will be decided by a members vote. Voting opens on Thursday 1st April and closes on Sunday 18th April. The voting link will be included in the April newsletter.