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Inspiratory muscle training across the spectrum

We are delighted to welcome Dr Bernie Bissett all the way from Australia to deliver a lecture on the use of inspiratory muscle training in ICU and beyond. She will also touch on its broader use in the training of elite athletes. This talk will be of interest to anyone involved in the care of patients with both acute and chronic respiratory conditions. Dr Bissett's talk will be preceded by a complementary presentation, speaker tbc

6 Nov 2019
London TBC 6-7.30pm
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Inspiratory muscle training (IMT) involves a progressive programme, often based on a percentage of the patient’s own maximal inspiratory pressure to achieve repeated inspiratory loading for several minutes at a time, two or more times per day that is designed to strengthen the muscles of inspiration (exact protocols vary within the literature, so this should not be viewed as a training prescription). It was initially used for patients with chronic lung conditions, but for well over a decade has been utilised within acute care with promising results.

But don’t just take our word for it, Dr Bernie Bissett from the University of Canberra will be travelling to the UK in November and has kindly agreed to lecture on the subject of ‘Inspiratory muscle training across the spectrum.' This will be preceded by an additional speaker giving a complementary session. So whether you are a hardened fan or an IMT sceptic do join us for this informative and thought-provoking evening on Wednesday 6th November, 6-7.30pm in London (venue tbc). See you there.