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WCPT, Geneva 10-13th May 2019 Indaba Session

3 February 2019

Propose your Indaba session! Deadline to propose a session: Wednesday 27 February 2019. If your proposal is successful, you will be notified by Friday 29 March 2019.

Share your experience at an Indaba session
Want to share your knowledge or seek help from your colleagues at WCPT Congress 2019? In an Indaba session you can help create content and lead conversations – and you can propose a session NOW.

You can choose to share your experience at one of three different types of Indaba sessions:

Got a problem to solve? Harness the power of global thinking to address local challenges and use the collective experience of delegates to help find solutions to a local problem.
My light-bulb moment. Has there been a pivotal event that has impacted your professional life? What can we all learn from it?
Get on the soapbox in your preferred language. You may prefer to discuss a topic or issue in your own language.


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