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Editorial Board

To lead the scoping, commissioning, co-ordination and delivery of all new ACPRC guidance documents and resources, in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and drive improvements in the quality of care for respiratory patients.


  1. Develop editorial policy and process for the publication of ACPRC guidance documents.
  2. Provide direction for guidance documents developed by and in association with the ACPRC.
  3. Facilitate a scoping procedure to determine the feasibility and nature of a guidance document.
  4. Facilitate and contribute to the development and review of guidance documents in collaboration with relevant individuals and organisations.
  5. Provide direction for dissemination of guidance documents.
  6. Identify research priorities for the ACPRC.

Current projects:

The editorial board members have been working on several projects identified previously as priorities by the ACPRC members. A number of scoping reviews have been conducted and findings will be disseminated. The following topics:

  • Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) in various conditions
  • Simulation Based Education (SBE) in respiratory physiotherapy.
  • Dysfunctional Breathing


Lucy Gardiner, Anna Alderslade, Frances Butler, Emma Chaplin, Rachael Colclough, Jane Douglas, Siobhan Hollier, Jack Plumbe, Laura Graham, Claire Nolan, Kelly Wainwright and Agnieszka Lewko. Position statement and considerations for remotely delivered pulmonary rehabilitation services. Journal of ACPRC 2023. 55(1): 64-112. DOI:

Allaina Eden, Emma Matthews, Alicia Page, Izzie Easton and Una Jones. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care scoping review of post-operative physiotherapy in people undergoing cardiac surgery. Journal of ACPRC 2023. 55(1): 114-50.  DOI:

Gabriella Cork, Clare Wade, Alison Gordon, Anna Vaughan-France, Amelia Palmer, Katy Walker and Una Jones. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care: Airway clearance techniques for the intubated adult:  a scoping review. Journal of ACPRC 2022; 54(3): 120-139  

Kate Grafton, Caroline Wheldon, Robyn Stiger, Nathan Robbins, Catherine Baker and Una Jones. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care scoping review: Post-operative physiotherapy management in upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery. Journal of ACPRC 2022; 54(2): 92-106 

Allaina Eden, Nikki Gilbert, Amy Bendall, Izzie Easton, Agnieszka Lewko, Alicia Page, Chloe Tait and Una Jones. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care scoping review: Post-operative physiotherapy in people undergoing thoracic surgery. Journal of ACPRC 2022; 54 (1): 89-113 

Owen Gustafson, Simon Hayward, Alex Helmsley, Jonathan Grant, Mike Smith, Chloe Tait, Natasha Pickering, Jo Hardy, Katherine Atkin and Una Jones. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care position statement: Physiotherapists use of lung ultrasound. Journal of ACPRC 2021; 53 (2): 147- 150 

Clare Wade, Ceri Battle, Zoe Barrett-Brown, Rebekah Haylett, Rob Leatt and Una Jones. Physiotherapy following blunt chest trauma. Journal of ACPRC 2021; 53 (2): 187 - 190 

Lucy Gardiner, Anna Alderslade, Frances Butler, Laura Graham, Theresa Harvey-Dunstan, Karen Ingram, Agnieszka Lewko, Claire Nolan, Helen Owen, Sam Pilsworth, Helen Stewart, Ema Swingwood, Kelly Wainwright, Christine Wright (2020). The ACPRC Statement and considerations for the remote delivery of pulmonary rehabilitation services during the COVID-19 pandemic (Part 1). Journal of ACPRC 2020; pp 1-41



Please contact us to propose topics for further investigation by email: Dr Agnieszka Lewko



Chair (starting April 2023): Agnieszka Lewko

Assistant Professor, Research Centre for Healthcare and Communities, Coventry University

Leaving Chair (2019- April 2023):  Una Jones Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University


ACPRC Chair: Rachael Colclough

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Respiratory Medicine at the University Hospital Birmingham

ACPRC Vice Chair: Harriet Shannon

Associate Professor, Cardiorespiratory Programme Lead, University College London (UCL)


Amy Bendall

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

ACPRC Journal Editor

Fran Butler

Advanced Clinical Specialist, Chronic Respiratory and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Gabriella Cork

Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Izzie Easton

Senior Lecturer, University of Essex

Allaina Eden

Physiotherapy Service Lead, Royal Papworth Hospital

ACPRC Surgical Champion

Kate Grafton

Principle Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

Owen Gustafson

Lead Physiotherapist AICU, Oxford University Hospitals; Honorary Research Physiotherapist, University of Oxford

ACPRC Journal Editor 

Stephanie Mansell

Consultant Physiotherapist, Royal Free London NHS Trust

Siobhan Singh

Lung Defence and ILD Team Lead Physiotherapist, Royal Papworth Hospital

Ema Swingwood

Respiratory pathway lead at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston (UHBW) NHS Trust 

Clare Liew Wade

Physiotherapy Graduate Tutor, Northumbria University