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COVID-19 Related Papers & Resources

Publications related to Covid 19

1. Recommendations for Physiotherapy Management for COVID-19 in the Acute Setting 

2. Respiratory Physiotherapy in COVID-19: Italian Association of Respiratory Physiotherapists 

3. Role of Respiratory Rehab in the COVID-19 Crisis: Italian Position Paper

4. Efficacy and Safety of Prone Positioning Combined with HFNC or NIV in ARDS: Prospective Cohort

5. Prone Positioning Combined with High-flow Nasal Cannula in Severe Non-infectious ARDS 

6. Rehab resources for COVID-19 (updated daily)

7. Slides from APTA COVID presentation

8. Respiratory Pathophysiology of Mechanically Ventilated Patients with COVID-19 

9. Early Self-Proning in Non-Intubated Patients: ED’s Experience During COVID-19

10. Collaborative Self-Management as Part of Rehab during COVID-19 

10. Early Pulmonary Rehab during COVID-19: Experience from China 

12. What to Do When Pulmonary Rehabilitation is Unavailable 

13. Family-Centered Care During COVID-19

14. Rehabilitation during COVID-19 - A Phoenix From the Ashes

15. COVID-19 & Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS): A Call for Action

16. ICU Delirium Management during the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic 

17. Rehabilitation During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic 

18. A Weaning & Early Rehab Unit for Post-ICU Impairments after COVID-19 Pandemic

 19. Italian Physical Therapists’ Response to COVID-19 

20. Navigating COVID-19 in Physiatry: A Report for Inpatient Rehabilitation 

21. Role of Home- and Community-Based Physical Therapists during COVID-19 

22. Rehab after ICU during COVID-19

23. Rehabilitation of COVID-19 Patients

24. Home & Community-Based PT Management of Adults With PICS


With thanks to Dale Needham and the ICU Recovery Network for coordination of these references and resources.