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NIV and Oxygen Assessment

This section contains links to Oxygen and NIV guidelines / resources

Non-Invasive Ventilation

Guideline on NIV for COPD in acute respiratory failure

This document outlines non-invasive ventilation, indications, contra-indications evidence for use and best practice guidelines and recommendations for service provision.

Cochrane Review (BMJ 2003)

Non-invasive positive pressure ventilation to treat respiratory failure resulting from exacerbations of COPD: Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis.

Australian Domiciliary NIV Guidelines

Proposal document for an improved NIV service for adult patients in Australia.


Oxygen Assessment

The BTS Home Oxygen in adults guideline is in preparation and will be published in late 2014. When published, a link will be available from this section.

Initial Assessment for LTOT

Links to NICE website with access to CG101 recommendations.

Recommendations for Air Travel (Chronic Respiratory Disease)

This article provides information on managing patients with stable respiratory disease who are planning air travel.

Service Specification for Home Oxygen

Document from NHS / DoH providing key information on the Scope and Service Delivery of a Home Oxygen Service. 

The files below are also available for download: