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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

This section contains all of the current guidelines, quality statements and commissioning toolkits for Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Guidelines (2013) - BTS

The first BTS Guideline for Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Adults, published in August 2013.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Quality Standards

BTS Quality Standards for Pulmonary Rehabilitation are available for consultation until 4th Feb 2014.

Commissioning Toolkit - DoH (2012)

Extensive toolkit for commissioners, executives and health care providers involved with delivering COPD services such as Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

NICE - Commissioning a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service for patients with COPD.

This website from NICE contains resources related to commissioning, specifying, delivering and benchmarking Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services.

IMPRESS Guide to Pulmonary Rehabilitation

This paper reviews the evidence, explains what PR is, how it works, its value and why it should be commissioned.

ERS/ATS Statement on Pulmonary Rehabilitation

This document outlines the evidence around pulmonary rehabilitation with specific detail to exercise training and prescription

Pulmonary Rehabilitation service for patients with COPD Commissioning Guide (2006) - Implementing NICE Guidance

This is an earlier resource to help health professionals in England to commission an effective pulmonary rehabilitation service for patients with COPD.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Toolkit

An Australian toolkit designed to provide evidence-based information on current best practice for the practical management of patients referred for pulmonary rehabilitation.

BLF Leaflet - "What should I expect"

A guide for patients outlining what to expect from Pulmonary Rehabilitation.