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Sarah Keilty Leadership Award

This award aims to recognise individuals delivering innovative services and providing leadership within a particular field. This could anything from a team setting up a new service, to an individual completing a QI project.

The Sarah Keilty Award is a £300 travel grant that aims to recognise an individual or team whom has embodied the role of a leader within the respiratory physiotherapy profession. The focus of this award is on delivering leadership and direction within service delivery.

The areas where you may consider nominating your individual or team could include:

  • An individual or team who has demonstrated transformation in service delivery, which has resulted in a direct improvement in patient experience, quality, safety, financial savings and/or clinical outcomes.
  • An individual whom embodies the term clinical leader, providing inspiration to you as an individual or you as a team. They lead by example to set clear objectives for services or interventions. They also engage with stakeholders and facilitate others to enhance care. Most importantly works as a role model for the profession in providing positive influence
  • An individual or team that has used research or service evaluation to truly make a difference to the direction of care within our profession or within your trust/institution
  • An individual or team that provides excellence in education and teaching using innovative ways to develop knowledge and skills within your team or the wider profession.

When completing the nomination form you will need to describe how the individual or team meets one or more of the descriptions above. The individual does not have to meet all of the above criteria.

Please send your applications to by WEDNESDAY 1ST  APRIL 2020