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Eleanor Douglas

Chair Respiratory Leaders

I am a Lecturer/Practitioner Physiotherapist, working at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals, NHS Trust. In my clinical role, I am a clinical specialist in critical care. At the University of Nottingham, I teach and convene both undergraduate and post-graduate physiotherapy modules.

I believe the union of the Respiratory Leaders Group and the ACPRC is an exciting and judicious opportunity to strengthen our voice as physiotherapy respiratory specialists. Cohesive working will increase our impact and strategically influence clinical practice to promote excellence in patient care.

I aim to deliver a seamless merger of the Respiratory Leaders Group embedded within the ACPRC.
I will to continue to provide the excellent standards of communication to share information between the members of the Respiratory Leaders Group, this is one of its key functions. Supporting members throughout the UK provide to each other information, advice and consult each other with issues such as service delivery, policy, procedures and clinical experience is a priority when services are being pressured to deliver more with less resources. Involving our academic colleagues in conversations about how we deliver respiratory education will also embed our vision of the future of respiratory physiotherapy.

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