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Certified Viral Filters

Details of certified viral filters for use in suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases


Phillips have recommended use of the following circuit with their V60 and Trilogy202 ventilators:

FAG704 1065830 CKT FILTER DEP W/FEP FILTER, box of 10 £94.47

"This circuit includes two bacterial/viral filters, one at the device outlet and one placed at the expiratory port. This allows patient expired gas to be filtered of harmful viruses such as COVID19, TB, H1N1 etc so as not to contaminate care givers and other patients. This important ability in our circuits (to add an expiratory filter) is proving very effective to limit cross infection in hospital"


Also see attached validation statements and information sheets for Intersurgical filters suitable for treatment of COVID-19 cases.

We have also been advised that product codes may vary, and that the additional product codes are also validated:


If in any doubt, please contact your local Intersurgical Representative who will be able to provide you with the relevent certificates.