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Together with Rachael Moses (Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist and Chief AHP for NHS Nightingale London) we have produced a series of videos to support various aspects of caring for patients with, and after, COVID-19. Audio files to follow shortly

Community Care (click to access)


Ursula Freeman; Team Leader in Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Cath O'Connor; Clinical Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

James Lendon, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist Calderdale Pulmonary Rehabilitation Team, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust


Royal College of OT's patient leaflets on fatigue pacing post covid19

British Dietetic Association patient leaflets

Lancashire Teaching Hopsitals patients support course

British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine

Faculty of intensive Care Medicine - good list of long term sequelae post covid


ICU Physiotherapy Part 1 (click to access)


David McWilliams, Consultant Physiotherapist, Critical Care University Hospitals Birmingham; Chair Physiotherapy Working Group ESICM 


ICU Physiotherapy Part 2 (click to access)


Laura Mylott, ICU Physiotherapy Team Lead, Guys and St Thomas' Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; Public Relations Officer ACPRC

Katie Dowling, Team Lead Cardiothoracic and Critical Care Physiotherapist, Royal Brompton and Harefield Trust

Zoe van Willigen, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist General ICU, University Hospital Southampton


ICU Recovery and MDT Care (click to access)


Sarah Wallace, Consultant SLT. Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester University Foundation Trust; NTSP SLT Lead; Chair RCSLT Tracheostomy CEN

Danni Bear, Principal Critical Care Dietitian, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

Penny Firshman, Clinical Lead Critical Care OT, Kings College Hospitals

Kate Tantam, Senior Sister ICU Recovery. University Hospitals Plymouth;  founder #RehabLegend 


Post-Acute Rehabilitation  (click to access)


Bronwen Connolly, Senior Lecturer Critical Care, Queens University Belfast

Kelly Morris, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Guys and St Thomas Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Zoe Van Willigen, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist General ICU, University Hospital Southampton


Critical Care Follow-up Clinic good practice example

CSP COVID-19 Rehabilitation Standards

CSP COVID-19 Rehabilitation Policy Statement

British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine rehabilitation guidance

Faculty of Intesive Care Medicine Position Statement and
Provisional Guidance: Recovery and Rehabilitation for Patients Following the Pandemic

WHO/PAHO Rehabilitation considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

UHS example post-acute rehab pathway 


Acute Ward-Based Physiotherapy (click to access)


Ema Swingwood, Respiratory Pathway Lead at University Hospitals Bristol and Weston; Physiotherapy Lead at NHS Nightingale Bristol; Chair ACPRC

Clare Rossall, NIV Specialist Practitioner Physiotherapist, University Hospitals of Leicester

Cath Edwards, Respiratory Physiotherapy Lead, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals


Pulmonary Rehabiltation Part 1 (click to access)


Ester Mitchell, Operational Lead for respiratory service aand clinical lead for PR, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Elaine Bevan-Smith, Lecturer at University of Gloucestershire

Sam Pilsworth, Consultant Physiotherapist, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS trust

Paul Gordon, Birmingham St Mary's Hospice


Pulmonary Rehabiltation Part 2 (click to access)


Emma Chaplin, Senior Pulmonary Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, Glenfield Hospital, University Hospitals of Leicester 

Fran Chambers, Specialist Physiotherapist in Pulmonary Rehabilitation, The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

Neena Garnavos, Project manager for the PR accreditation programme, RCP

Karen Ingram, Specialist Physiotherapist in Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Harefield Hopsital

Psychology (click to access)


Julie Highfield, Clinical Psychologist Cardiff ICU

Debbie Ford, Clinical Psychologist Harefield Hospital ICU


Sexual Health and Continence (click to access)


Elaine Miller, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist; Comedienne

Liz O'Riordan, Retired Consultant Breast Surgeon; previous breast cancer patient; keen interest in sexual health and intimacy

Kate Tantam, Senior Sister ICU Recovery. University Hospitals Plymouth; founder #RehabLegend


Continence and sexual health - evidence based information about all aspects of pelvic health including pelvic floor friendly exercise, sex and leaking. - POGP has downloadable leaflet resources on pelvic organ prolapse which are excellent and free. - Sex Education Forum has some good resources which are aimed at schools but apply universally

NICE quality standard:

OMGYes - online education for women, by women about genitals and sexual function. Has interactive iPad page and video education - very frank.

Sensate Focus - help for couples to learn about themselves and each other, and to move towards a more fulfilling intimate relationship.

Good Evidently Cochrane articles about "how to" for HCPs



Touch by David J Linden - Book; "the science of the sense that makes us human"

Bonk by Mary Roach - Book; "the curious coupling of sex and science"

Sex for Simple Humans by Dr Mary Frances Rogan  - Book; sex throughout your life, self published by a US GP, goes through variety of common illnesses/injuries/issues with ageing, easy to read.


Pessary for stress incontinence - Really useful, new in the UK, not currently available on prescription, but will be soon.

Anal leaking silicone pessary - brilliant, clever device to insert it so would work even if has reduced shoulder movement or manual dexterity. Only good for passive leaking, but, it subtle, Ive had women use it and their partners never knew. Prescription

Anal leaking tampon - bit more robust than the Renew, bit more fiddly to use and more obvious

"These last three gadgets are useful for thinking about rehab, a lot of these people will leak with exercise. Wetting or pooing yourself is a massive barrier to exercise, so, really, I'd like to see everyone screened for continence and have these items prescribed and a referral to pelvic specialist physio or continence care nurse as routine if the symptoms persist longer than a month post ICU. What's the point in trying to rehab people if they then can't leave the house for fear of having an accident?"

Managers and Leaders (ICU) (click to access)


Ema Swingwood, Respiratory Pathway Lead University Hospitals Bristol and Weston; Physiotherapy Lead NHS Nightingale Bristol; Chair ACPRC

Eleanor Douglas, Lecturer Practitioner Physiotherapist, University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals; Chair Respiratory Leaders in Physiotherapy Group

Eve Corner, Lecturer and Research Physiotherapist, Brunel University and Imperial College Healthcare Trust