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Physiotherapy Guidance for Clinicians and Managers

Guidance for respiratory on-call physiotherapy, respiratory services and wider physiotherapy services during the COVID-19 outbreak.


  • BTS Guidance: Respiratory support of patients on medical wards and 
  • ICS Guidance on the use of video communication for patients and relatives in ICU

Physiotherapy Management for COVID-19 in the Acute Hospital Setting: Recommendations to guide clinical practice (in press) - International collaboration to provide guidance for clinical practice in patients with COVID-19. Please note that this is guidance only, and should be applied as appropriate to your own clinical area and local policies and guidance. 

Huge thanks to Rachael Moses for producing the referral criteria, respiratory guidance for on-call and for managers - she has kindly agreed to these documents being used and amended locally as required.

Many thanks to Simon Hayward for producing the guidance for physiotherapists using LUS during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ventilator Hyperinflation has been anecdotally reported as a safe and effective method of lung recruitment and secretion clearance in ventilated COVID-19 cases. Zoe van Willegan has kindly shared the VHI SOP used at University Hospital Southampton for others to use as a guide to produce their own SOPs. Please note that this SOP also includes MHI which is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used in patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19.

Last but not least, thanks to Samantha Cook, ACPRC member, for producing a COVID-19 information poster for us.

Please do ensure that, should you use or adapt these documents, the original authors are credited as they have worked hard to produce these documents for our benefit.

NB: information and advice is likely to be updated frequently. While we will endeavour to update documents as quickly as possible, please ensure you check your own local policies and Public Health England advice regularly, and be cautious when printing and distributing these documents.


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