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Respiratory Leaders

Welcome to the Physiotherapy Respiratory Leaders Page 

The current ACPRC Respiratory Leaders chair is Eleanor Douglas, to contact her click here.

The Physiotherapy Respiratory Leaders Group is part of the ACPRC and you need to be a member of the ACPRC to join. 

 The purpose of the group is to: 

  • Provide a forum for leaders in respiratory physiotherapy to meet and discuss operational matters relating to delivery of respiratory physiotherapy services 
  • Provide an opportunity for clinical team leads to share innovations in practice and benchmark services across the country to optimise patient experience and outcomes 
  • Support and drive national agendas from NHS England as part of the ACPRC who report to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) 



The membership of the Respiratory Leaders Group is very inclusive.  

The group aims to gain representation from physiotherapy respiratory leaders throughout the UK.  

To gain membership to the Physiotherapy Leaders Group applicants will be required to:  

  • Be a member of the ACPRC from January 2021 
  • Be leading and or managing a respiratory physiotherapy service in the UK  
  • Be a clinical specialist delivering respiratory physiotherapy 
  • Be a respiratory physiotherapy educator or researcher 
  • Be willing to share good practice and innovations 
  • Be willing to share information about their skills and experience on the Physiotherapy Respiratory Leaders Skills Hub with other group members and the ACPRC 

To become a member of the group please email Eleanor Douglas (Chair) by email: 

Please include the following information: 


Job Title/Roles: 

Place of Work: 

Clinical Area you work in: 

Areas of interest: 

ACPRC Membership number: 

You will then be added to the mail list and skills hub